Pediatric Dentistry

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We are excited to welcome you to our practice and are happy that you have chosen us to serve your family’s dental needs. A child’s first visit can be a lasting memory and we want to make sure it is a positive one. We are dedicated to the oral health care of children and to creating a fun and pleasant environment for you and your child.

There are a few things that we have found work well with children that have never been to the dentist or have even had a bad experience in the past.

-First, let your child know that he/she is going to see the dentist and that we will clean, count and take pictures (x-rays) of their teeth. Avoid discussing any negative dental experiences and anxiety producing words such as “hurt”, “pain”, ‘pull”, and/or “shot”. Promote the fact that this is fun and try to instill excitement in them.

-Secondly, try to schedule their appointment on an easy day or in the morning time to avoid him/her being tired from the day’s events. Children seem to have a better experience when they are well rested.

-Third is to make this a “special” day meaning dressing up or even going to lunch or dinner.

From the second you walk in to the minute you leave, you and your child will have a dental experience that is fun, exciting and one of a kind!

We hope to see you soon!


Ask about Toothfairy visits for your childs classroom!

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