Amalgam-For more than 150 years, billions of dental amalgam fillings have been used to restore decayed teeth. Amalgam is the name that is given for silver fillings. Dental amalgam is safe, affordable and durable to restore premolars and molars.

Composite Resin- Composite resin is becoming the most widely accepted materials of choice by patient and dentists. Composite resin is tooth colored so that it looks more natural in the mouth. The tooth colored material is designed to have the following qualities: withstand the environments of the oral cavity, Be easily shaped to the anatomy of the tooth, Match the natural tooth color, Be bonded directly to the tooth surfaces.

Pulpotomy- Pulpotomy is the complete removal of the coronal portion of the dental pulp. The goal of the procedure is to remove the portion of the pulp that is inflamed but to maintain the healthy vital pulp tissue in the canals of the primary tooth. After the pulp is removed a stainless steel crown is up on afterwards

Stainless Steel Crowns- Because of the importance of maintaining primary teeth throughout adolescent years, the dentist requires a crown to cover serverely decayed. A stainless steel crown is the restorations of choice for the following reasons:

1) Stainless steel crowns can be prepared and placed at a single appointment, which is especially important in young children. 

2) The crowns are sufficiently durable to last until the primary teeth are placed with the permanent teeth.

3) The crowns are almost always well tolerated by the gingivae (gums) of young patients.

Space Maintainer- A space maintainer is place to reserve the space until the permanent tooth erupts.