Treatment Options

Local Anesthetic or as we call it SLEPPY DROPS - A class of Anesthesia substance applied by injection directly to the gums or mouth tissue to provide pain relief to a local area of the mouth or gum.  Dentists often apply topical anesthetic with a Q-tip to reduce the pain associated with needle pricks required for the application of a local anesthesia to reduce the pain associated with general dental procedures.  The advantages are that the patient remains alert during the procedure without the pain.  

Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas) is a gas that's combined with Oxygen to produce a calming effect and a sense of well being when inhaled. Many dentists use Nitrous Oxide to help a patient relax during dental treatments.


General Anesthesia- An Introduction to My Dental Anesthesia Practice

The fear of pain, the sound of drilling, and separation from parents make many children anxious when they go to a dentist's office. Dentists often use nitrous oxide or moderately sedating drinks to ease children's worries, so they can cooperate.

Despite this, some children still will not tolerate any dental procedures. In addition, extensive work requires children to remain calm and still for impossibly long amounts of time. For these children, I come to the dental office and provide a deeper level of sedation, eliminating all fears and ensuring that anxious children will cooperate and allow the dentist to complete dental care safely and efficiently.

Deep sedation in healthy patients is very safe when performed by a physician who is an experienced and board certified anesthesiologist. Because I specialize in the care of babies and small children, I extend this safety to the very youngest patients.

I use state of the art monitoring to ensure your child is asleep, comfortable, and safe during the whole procedure and to minimize the time your child is asleep and the time it takes to fully awaken.

For your child's procedure, I will provide anesthesia using the highest quality equipment in a precise, safe manner. By avoiding expensive hospital facility fees, you may save thousands of dollars compared to what you would pay to have the same procedure at a hospital.

The California Dental Board tightly regulates who may provide dental anesthesia and enforces detailed, stringent standards stating what special anesthesia equipment and drugs must be present. I always surpass these standards and use the most advanced, compact, hospital grade equipment and monitors. Ni
trous Oxide to help a patient relax during
dental treatments. 


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