Patient Feedback

Thank you for allowing the Gale Ranch Family Dental Group to serve you and your family. Patient satisfaction is very important to us, and we would love to know more about your experience with our offices and our team.

Attached is a short questionnaire designed for you to offer your impressions of our service. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire and mail it back to us in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. There is space at the bottom of the form for your signature if we may share your comments with prospective patients

We appreciate your time and your feedback. Please feel free to call our offices with any questions or comments.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Roger Chang             Dr. Thomas Wong
Founder                            Founder

Dr. Chang takes great care in explaining the work needed and makes you feel very comfortable at all times.

James Douros, Fremont

I had a filling today. The process was painless. The staff is wonderful.

Joann Murphy, Newark

The doctors and staff are simply excellent in every respect. They are patient and kind, and each is very good at what they do. I have probably seen all the specialists at Waterford and they all get gold stars.

Martha Costello, Dublin

I had major dental work done by Dr. Chang at the Waterford Dental Group, including the removal of several permanent teeth and the installation of five permanent new implants. The dental work was excellent and now I have a beautiful mouth of teeth.

Kenneth Burton, Pleasanton


I had porcelain veneers done. I had wanted to get them done for years because my teeth were stained and rather crooked even though I had braces when I was a kid. I absolutely love the results. My teeth are now white and straight! Thank you Dr. Chang, you did a great job! I love my white, bright smile.

Sharla Beil, Danville


My name is Peter Peychev. I am a 49-year-old manager at a Round Table Pizza in Alamo. It has always bothered me not having my front teeth, and I was always hesitant to smile. I always knew that there was something inside me that could be great but no one every complained or said anything to me about changing my smile.

One day at work I was taking an order from a woman and we got to talking and she asked me if I ever thought about getting implants to fix my front teeth. She told me it would be life changing for me. Wow, I was surprised she cared enough to say something. She gave me the doctor’s card and said to come in for a visit. That was the beginning of the rest of my live. I visited the office. Wow, I had never visited a dentist office like this before. First, it did not feel like a dentist’s office. They had all your dental needs under one roof with more than eighteen dental experts, state of the art technology. Staff treated me like family and meeting Dr. Chang…wow, he is amazing. I was shocked at how painless the whole procedure was. I loved going in to see the transformation of my teeth. It was mind boggling how it changed my whole look (definitely for the better.) I smile all the time now, I am a lot more confident, I feel empowered, I love talking to people more. I want to do so much more now. Getting all this work done to my teeth as been life changing. I lost 38 pounds. I opened my own business and bought a new home. I am even going on more dates. The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting that young woman two years ago and meeting Dr. Chang. Thank you, thank you. Sorry for being so wordy, I just cannot say enough. Please have anyone contact me; I would love to tell them hot it is life changing to have a new smile. I have only one problem. I wish I would have done this fifteen years earlier. I guess it is never too late. Thanks again from one happy patient.

Peter Peychev, Alamo



A Testimonial for Gale Ranch Orthodontics:

I am a patient and also a amuture boxer or want to be. I came in for a regular check up for my braces. I wasn't in the best mood to be going to a dentist at 4:30. In the next 5 or 10 minutes from when i sat down, i was in an excellent mood.They just sat me down and started talking to me making me laugh, it was a great appointment. As i was finishing my appointment i hear people talking saying, "oh i didn't wear blah blah blah" or "i didn't know it was today."

 I look up from out of my seat & i see my favorite boxer, Andre Ward and people at the door. So i walk up and the nice ladies in the front desk introduce me (i wasn't filled with like butterflies but i was almost in shock and was pretty happy, this doesn't happen everyday). I was actually just guna stop trying to box but this has to be some type of sign I thought. I got an autograph on my shirt took a few pics and i think i get to be on TV (Starz). Going here today was the best day of my life.

( OH i am going to keep trying to box, I am going to be better than him!!! ONE DAY )

Olu A., San Ramon