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An Apple a day may keep the dentist away Parents can help children's tooth decay and cavities by monitoring their eating habits. Offer children healthy snacks such as apples, bites-size carrots (which are also good for the eyes), or other foods that are naturally sweet. Foods to avoid are chewy and hard candies, chocolate and other foods that contain refined sugars.


How should I prepare my child for visits to the dentist? Visits to the dentist start at about the age of three, preferably before there are any problems. Explain to the child that the visit to the dentist can be fun. We do our very best to make it so.  1. Do this in a re-assuring fashion, and present a positive picture of the dentist to the child. 2. If you have your own anxieties about going to the dentist, try not to transmitt these to your child. 3. It is helpful if the child doesn't associate their first visit to the dentist with pain or discomfort. It will be harder to achieve a positive experience if the child is already has a toothache.

Baby Pacifiers: Pros and Cons Pacifiers provide a source of comfort to infants. Prolonged use of the pacifier can affect the proper development of the mouth, tooth alignment and can create a speech problem.

Thumbsucking- Sucking is a natural reflex, infants and young children may use thumb, fingers, pacifiers and other objects on which to suck. It may make them feel secure and happy or even provide a sense of security at difficult periods. Thumbsucking that persists beyond the eruption of the permanent teeth can cause problems with the proper growth and tooth alignment. Usuallty children stop sucking between the ages of two and four.  Pacifiers are no substitute for thumbsucking.


All about X-Rays (tooth pictures) Dental x-rays (also known as radiographs) are a vaulable part of dental treatment because they can detect damage to teeth and gums that are not visible during a routine visual examination.

 What are Sealants? Dental sealants can prevent your childs teeth from getting cavities. Sealants are applied to the chewing surafces of the molars to act as a barrier. The sealant material is bonded to the pits and grooves of the tooth surfaces.


                                                    Before Sealants                           After Sealants


What are EXTRINSIC stain? These stains are external stains that build up on the outer surface of a tooth. They are not a part of the stucture of the tooth.

What are INSTRINSIC stain? These stains are internal stainning of the tooth, from sources within the tooth.

Can poor oral hygiene result in teeth being stained? It Can! Teeth that are not brushed properly and regularly can turn a yellow/greenish coloring, particularly around the gums.

Can medication stain the tooth surface? Yes, Iron supplements in medication can stain the teeth black.

What is dental plaque? Dental plaque is a thin coating of bacteria and food particles that sticks to teeth. It cannot be rinsed off, but it can be removed by brushing, flassing and dental cleanings. It causes tooth decay and gum disease.

About Tooth Decay: Tooth decay can occur as soon as the teeth appear. Decay in primarey teeth can damage erupting permanent teeth. A fewingredients are all that are needed to create the right conditions for tooth decay. 1st is plaque. When sugar and starch from food or drink combine with plaque, an acid is produced that attacks tooth enmal. Repated acid attacks can break down the enamel and eventually result in a cavity. Sugars and starch are present in many foods, even fruits and veggies. Limiting snacks will reduce the number of acid attacks on tooth enmal. However when children need a between a meal snack, select foods from the five food groups fro a balanced diet.

What is baby bottle tooth decay? Baby bottle tooth decay is cause by the frequent exposure of a child's teeth to liquids containing sugars. Preventing baby bottle decay involves changes in a child's diet and or brushing childs teeth after each use of the bottle.






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