Gum Disease Treatment – San Ramon, CA

Protecting Your Smile from Gum Disease

If the bacteria in your mouth infect your gums, the result is a condition called gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. If we find signs of gum disease during one of your dental checkups, you shouldn’t take it lightly; it could eventually cause you to lose your teeth if you don’t have it treated as promptly as possible. Fortunately, at Gale Ranch Family Dental, our team is trained to recognize the signs of gum disease, and we can help you figure out your best options for gum disease treatment in San Ramon. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’re worried about your gums.

Why Choose Gale Ranch Family Dental for Gum Disease Treatment?

  • Gentle Scaling and Root Planing
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Symptoms of Gum Disease

Close up of person pointing to red spot in their gums before gum disease treatment in San Ramon

Some patients don’t notice any symptoms at all during the early stages of gum disease and only learn that they have it after having a dental checkup performed. That said, gum disease is associated with a number of warning signs such as bleeding, swelling, soreness, constant bad breath, receding gums, and pain while chewing. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? If so, call our office right away to see what our team recommends.

Scaling & Root Planing

Illustrated dental instrument removing plaque buildup from teeth

When a regular dental cleaning isn’t enough to get rid of the bacteria causing gum disease, we may recommend scaling and root planing (which are often collectively referred to as a deep cleaning). The scaling process involves the removal of plaque and tartar around and below the gumline; we pay especially close attention to any periodontal pockets that have formed. With root planing, the goal is to smooth out the roots of the teeth so that the gums have an easier time reattaching themselves.