Restorative Dentistry – San Ramon, CA

Is Your Smile in Need of Repair?

Your teeth don’t have any way to fix themselves if they become badly damaged or significantly decayed. However, they can often still be repaired with a carefully chosen restoration. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Gale Ranch Family Dental once you realize that you have an injured tooth. Once we understand your situation, we’ll figure out the best way to fix your smile with restorative dentistry in San Ramon. Our restorations are made out of high-quality materials that can last for years with the right care.

Why Choose Gale Ranch Family Dental for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Long-Lasting, Natural-Looking Materials
  • Highly Accurate Digital Impressions
  • Focus on Quality Customer Service

Dental Crowns

Illustrated dental crown being placed over a tooth

Dental crowns are shaped like real teeth, and they can be made out of many different materials. While some crowns are made out of gold, you may instead want a more natural-looking option such as zirconia or porcelain. Once the crown is ready, we can attach it to the prepared tooth. The lifespan of a dental crown can be anywhere between 5 to 15 years; the kind of care you give your restoration is a major factor in determining how long it will last.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Illustrated tooth with a white filling

If we find any small holes or gaps in your tooth, we can fill them with composite resin. In many cases, a composite resin filling can be placed in a single visit. Since composite resin can be shaded to match your tooth enamel, you don’t have to worry about your new filling standing out compared to the rest of your smile. As a result, many people won’t even realize that you had any sort of dental work performed.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Close up of a person smiling with straight white teeth

Extensive decay or a sudden accident can leave most or all of your teeth badly damaged, and as a result, you may need a full mouth reconstruction. All we need to do is take a look at your mouth and gather as much information as we can about your oral health situation. Then we can develop a treatment plan that can potentially combine any number of restorative dentistry services (including crowns, fillings, and any other treatments that are deemed necessary) in order to completely rebuild your smile. Once your full mouth reconstruction is complete, you can enjoy all the benefits of a restored smile, such as being able to eat all the foods you love.