Root Canal Treatment – San Ramon, CA

Find Relief from Your Severe Toothache

Over time, a cavity may eventually reach the pulp at the center of your tooth. The result is often an infection that causes significant pain. The issue will only get worse the longer it’s ignored, so we recommend setting up an appointment with our Gale Ranch Family Dental team as soon as you can. Oftentimes, the best option is to get rid of the infected pulp altogether with root canal treatment in San Ramon. This procedure may have a bit of an undeservedly frightening reputation, but it can help you put your dental pain behind you for good.

Why Choose Gale Ranch Family Dental for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Compassionate Dental Team
  • Multiple Options for Sedation
  • State of the Art Technology

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Model of tooth showing the root canals inside of it

Rest assured that the root canal procedure will only begin once we have successfully numbed your mouth with a local anesthetic to keep your discomfort to a minimum. A dental dam will be placed to protect the tooth from saliva while we treat it. The actual root canal involves these steps:

  • The tooth is opened so that we can access the pulp.
  • We will gently take out the pulp and any other infectious debris.
  • The inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned.
  • We will re-fill the tooth using a special biocompatible material.
  • At some point, the tooth will be restored with a high-quality dental crown.