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Dr. Maurice Dominguez

San Ramon California dentist Doctor Maurice Dominguez

Dr. Maurice Dominguez was born and raised in California, and left the state to earn his undergraduate degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY and a Master’s degree from the University of Texas.  Maurice later earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from UCSF School of Dentistry.

Before permanently returning to California, Dr. Dominguez served as an Active Duty Army Officer for 10 years stationed at several locations and received various medals and awards.


Doctor Dominguez with his wife and young son

I saw military service as a duty to my country, and I felt like I had to serve that duty.  As a service member who transitioned to civilian life, the words “Duty, Honor, Country,” as well as selfless service continues to be instilled in me.  I just simply want to take care of patients to the best of my ability while maintaining a conservative approach.  With information and education, patients are empowered to make the best decision to meet their needs. 


In his free time, Dr Dominguez enjoys spending time with his family: binge watching tv shows with his wife, playing superheroes with his son, and teaching his mom how to use her iphone.