Traditional Braces – San Ramon, CA 

Sort Out Your Smile in Style

Smiling person with braces

No matter how old you are, a misaligned smile can take a lot of the wind out of your sails. In addition to sapping your confidence, crooked or gapped teeth can make it harder to eat and talk easily. That’s to say nothing about overbites and underbites, which can lead to chronic issues with your jaw.

Thankfully, traditional braces make it incredibly easy to get the straight smile of your dreams. If you’re near San Ramon, CA, the team here at Gale Ranch Family Dental can help you sort out your smile in style. Make an appointment with us today and we’ll show you what braces can do.

Why Choose Gale Ranch Family Dental For Traditional Braces? 

  • In-House Licensed Orthodontist Who Will Guide You Through Treatment
  • Sophisticated Dental Technology for Efficient Care
  • Comfortable Dental Office Designed For Our Patients

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

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You’re probably familiar with what traditional braces look like even if you’ve never worn them before—the iconic wire and bracket system is nothing if not distinctive. Braces work by attaching several metal brackets to the teeth and using a thin metal wire (called an archwire) to gradually pull the teeth into place.

You’ll visit our office for routine tightenings every six to eight weeks, which will ensure that there’s constant tension on your teeth. Over the next 18-24 months, your teeth will be gradually moved into place.

What Orthodontic Issues Can Braces Fix?

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Traditional braces have come a long way since their inception, which means that not only are they comfortable, but they are capable of dealing with a wide variety of orthodontic issues. For example:

Bite Misalignment

Someone with an overbite and an underbite

Overbites and underbites can cause serious discomfort when talking or chewing, and in some situation can lead to chronic jaw issues. It’s much more common for people with a misaligned bite to develop TMJ or a teeth grinding problem.

The top and bottom braces can be attached to each other with elastics, gradually pulling the jaw into the correct position.

Crowded & Crooked Teeth

Picture of crowded teeth

Crooked or crowded teeth happen when you teeth are way too close together, causing them to overlap. This can make it incredibly difficult to properly clean between your teeth, making flossing almost impossible in certain circumstances. This puts you at much higher risk of developing gum disease or other oral health problems.

Braces can gradually pull these teeth apart, bringing your smile inro perfect alignment.

Gapped Teeth

Picture of gapped teeth

Gapped teeth aren’t necessarily an oral health problem, but lots of people aren’t a fan of how it makes them look. If that rings true for you, braces can easily bring these problematic teeth together.

Caring for Your Braces

Someone brushing between their braces

One of the things that makes people nervous about braces treatment is the maintenance. You should know that once you get used to brushing around your brackets and cleaning between the archwire, you should be able to keep your oral health in good condition throughout the process of your orthodontic treatment.

You might also have to avoid some foods that can break your archwire or dislodge a bracket. You’ll also have to see us for regular appointments to ensure that your braces are in good condition.

If you’re ready to start your orthodontic journey, make an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to talk to you!