Meet Our Dental Team – San Ramon, CA

A Team That Takes the Stress Out of Dentistry

Obviously, finding a dentist you can trust is important. But the staff at the practice also plays a vital part in shaping your dental experience. All of our compassionate team members are ready to help ensure that your visit involves as little stress as possible. Before you get in touch with Gale Ranch Family Dental to set up your next appointment, why not read the brief biographies below to get to know some of the wonderful individuals at our San Ramon dental office a bit better?

Aquilla, Team Captain/ Office Manager

San Ramon registered dental assistant Aquilla

Meet Aquilla Hayes, the driving force behind our practice's seamless operations. Since relocating to the Bay Area in 2011, Aquilla's journey began as an assistant, swiftly rising to the role of Director of Operations for both our General and Specialty departments. With over 15 years of dental expertise, she ensures our patients receive top-tier care while guiding our team to peak performance.

Aquilla spearheads the implementation of cutting-edge systems, ensuring our practice operates with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Her passion for elevating the patient experience is matched only by her dedication to fostering a dynamic and cohesive team environment.

Aquilla's leadership extends beyond the office walls, where she cherishes spending spare time with her family—her high school sweetheart husband and grade school-aged son. When not immersed in dental excellence, you'll find her engrossed in a good book, unwinding and rejuvenating for the challenges ahead.

In every interaction, Aquilla Hayes embodies the spirit of leadership, dedication, and compassion, propelling our practice forward toward unparalleled success while cherishing the moments spent with her loved ones.

Kelly, Dental Hygienist

A native of East Bay, CA, Kelly attended Chabot College to attain her license in dental hygiene and has been enjoying what she does for a living for close to two decades now. She spent a couple of years as a dental assistant before studying at hygiene school. Today, she loves helping patients with their dental goals and educating them on the best ways to maintain their pearly whites.

Other than improving people’s oral health, Kelly spends much of her time outside of the office with her husband, their two kids, and their two dogs. Together, they love to go on trips or go camping with family and friends whenever they have the chance.

Christianna, Registered Dental Assistant

With a decade of experience in the dental field, Christianna earned her certification as a Registered Dental Assistant through Heald College, and she specialized in pediatric dental care. One of the best things about her work is being able to make patients feel at ease—regardless of their age—and giving them a positive and comfortable experience getting dental treatment.

Whenever Christianna isn’t at the office, she’s likely with her husband and their three beautiful children. Other than treating pearly whites, she also likes to challenge herself by learning all sorts of new things, including makeup, doing hair and nails, and cooking new recipes. She also enjoys reading, writing, and listening to audibles to improve herself. One fun fact about her: she has three dogs (Niner, Bella, and Doja) and a pet turtle named Gary Bubbles.