Dental Implant Dilemma: Should I Replace Healthy Teeth?

January 5, 2024

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Dentist holding demonstration dental implant

You may already know that many experts consider dental implants to be the gold standard of tooth restoration because of the many advantages they provide. They’re the only option that includes a titanium rod that’s inserted into your jawbone to keep it active and healthy, for instance. While this is often an ideal way to fill in the gap left behind by a lost tooth, dentists are seeing a trend in patients wanting to replace perfectly healthy teeth, too. If you’re wondering whether you should swap a viable tooth with a dental implant, keep reading to learn more about it!

Why Are Patients with Healthy Teeth Getting Dental Implants?

Many dentists have expressed concerns because they’ve seen patients who have healthy teeth but were told they need dental implants. It seems that increasing numbers of people were not provided other options when they were seen for a consultation. In some cases, dental implants are being recommended for cosmetic reasons though that’s not their true purpose. In other instances, other complex restorative techniques, like root canals, simply weren’t offered.

Is It Safe to Replace Healthy Teeth with Dental Implants?

In most instances, your dentist will do everything they can to save your natural teeth. While dental implants are incredibly durable and successful, they’re not the same as the real thing. You still need to watch what you eat, for example, so you don’t damage them. Furthermore, the American Academy of Periodontology advises against extracting healthy teeth to replace them with dental implants. There’s a higher risk of infection and gum disease at the extraction site that can enter your bloodstream. It can travel to other areas of your body from there and contribute to other medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Though it can be done, if your teeth are in good shape then dental implants aren’t recommended.

When Are Dental Implants Appropriate?

Though you probably shouldn’t remove healthy teeth and replace them with dental implants just to enhance your appearance, sometimes they’re necessary. You might require an extraction and dental implant if you have:

  • Bone loss resulting in loose teeth.
  • Fractured or broken teeth that can’t be repaired.
  • Physical trauma that results in the loss of one or more teeth.
  • Tooth decay or gum disease that has progressed too far to save your tooth.

Keep in mind that getting a dental implant takes months because your mouth needs to heal after the support rods are surgically embedded in your jawbone. If you’re looking for a quick cosmetic fix, there are much better choices!

By preserving your natural teeth, you’ll keep your smile happy and healthy for years to come!

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