Aesthetic Solutions: Common Cosmetic Dentistry Issues Resolved

February 9, 2024

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Man smiling at his new cosmetic dentistry treatments

Everyone knows that a bright, well-kept smile can turn heads and inspire confidence. However, many people face challenges with their teeth—decay, chipped and broken enamel, and other issues all detract from aesthetics. So, what is the solution to this multitude of dental detractors? Cosmetic dentistry!

Keep reading to learn how the wide range of cosmetic treatments available can help you get your smile back.

Tooth Discoloration

One of the most common cosmetic issues faced by the majority of patients are stained teeth. Aging, smoking, dark or vibrant foods and beverages, and poor oral hygiene can all contribute to discolored enamel.

The Solution: Professional teeth whitening treatments are the best way to restore a vibrant smile. In-office whitening uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and only takes about an hour to complete. Though it’s quick, it can banish decades of staining at once!

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Accidents, trauma, or biting down on hard objects can cause teeth to chip or crack, affecting both their appearance and functionality.

The Solution: Dental bonding is commonly used to repair minor chips or cracks and improve the appearance of affected teeth. The process involves using tooth-colored resin to cover and reshape affected teeth and usually only takes one appointment to complete.

Tooth Gaps

Gaps or spaces between teeth can happen for many reasons. Genetics, missing teeth, and abnormal tooth development all play a role in the development of diastema (tooth gaps).

The Solution: Porcelain veneers can help treat several dental issues at once but are particularly effective for closing small gaps. This treatment involves adhering wafer-thin porcelain shells to the fronts of designated teeth. This creates a solid, stain-resistant barrier over the enamel and can often fill minor gaps in the process.

Gummy Smile

Excessive gum tissue or a high gumline can result in what is known as a “gummy smile.” This is when more gum tissue is visible than desired when smiling and often visually decreases the size of your teeth.

The Solution: Gum contouring or crown lengthening can address this cosmetic issue by gently removing excess gum tissue and sculpting the gumline. Doing this reveals more of the teeth’s natural structure and can significantly enhance the appearance of your grin!

By now you can see that cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of solutions for many common aesthetic issues. Whatever dental dilemma you’re dealing with, you can achieve a beautiful, confident smile with the help of these modern dental techniques and treatments. If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, reach out to your dentist and schedule a consultation. Together, you can explore your options and create your dream smile.

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